The way we work
Practical approach A two-day workshop has approx. 16 - 20 participants plus the organizers and helpers. 9 persons per workshop will be able to do a constellation. A one-day workshop has approx. 10 - 12 participants. Only 5 persons will be able to do a constellation.
In a two-day workshop a deeper understanding of a constellation is possible because of the trust a group can build in these two days.

Representatives reveal the dynamic People are chosen to represent family members and are placed in relations to one another within the working space. The resulting constellation reveals information about the entanglements and hidden dynamics in the family. This does not involve role-playing, as in some other therapies. The representatives react according to their given place in the space.The information needed for this work includes important events in the history of the family, for example: the early death of a parent or other close family members, marriages, the birth of children, divorces, earlier serious relationships, adoptions, serious illnesses, and war (or other violent) situations.

Starting point: a burning question All constellations starts with defining the client's issue. A burning inner need is necessary for a succesful constellation and a good solution. Mere curiosity is not enough. In addition, the issue needs to have enough weight and seriousness. Appropriate issues include: long standing personal problems, serious illnesses, addictions, incest, relationship problems, etc.

The constellation itself After choosing representatives, the client places the representative family members in relationship to each other, according to the client's feeling at that moment in time.The constellation then comes to life and reveals the entanglements and dynamics of the family. Amazingly, the representatives experience feelings which seem to reflect those of the original family members . There is, as of yet, no scientifically proven explanation for this phenomenon, but where it has been possible to check, it has proved astoundingly accurate.

Focus on a good solution The focus of the work is looking for a good solution for the client and his or her family. It is often necessary for an excluded person to be given back their rightful place in the system. Sometimes, certain sentences need to be spoken to clarify relationships, and to allow love to flow freely.